December 4, 2020

Exercise will be paid with cryptocurrency

Exercise will be paid with cryptocurrency

Large corporations have long been interested in blockchain. So in 2020 Microsoft patented own mining system through physical activity.

According to the patent, users will be able to receivecryptocurrency for physical and mental activity. The document does not say about the assets used, whether the company will use existing coins or create its own token for these purposes.

To mine cryptocurrency, the user will have toconnect special sensors to the body that will track heart rate, brain activity and other parameters. The information collected will help determine what the person is doing at the moment. If he completes the task, for example, running 3000 meters or watching a video, he can receive a reward in cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately, the availability of a patent does not yet guaranteethe imminent launch of such technology. However, this is not Microsoft's only cryptocurrency initiative. According to Social.Bet, the corporation previously invested in Bakkt.

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