March 4, 2024

Ethereum launches Aztec protocol for anonymous transactions

Ethereum launches Aztec protocol for anonymous transactions

The Aztec transaction protocol with increased privacy has been launched based on the main Ethereum blockchain, the portal

Aztec uses evidence technology withzero disclosure, familiar to users, for example, on Zcash cryptocurrency, and allows you to interact with confidential tokens, where all transferred amounts are hidden cryptographically.

The network is currently operating inlimited functionality and supports only zkDai - a private version of the stablecoin MakerDAO. Other tokens with zero disclosure support will be released in the coming weeks, and full access to the creation of individual tokens will be provided to users in two months.

Aztec system is based on a specialcryptographic engine, designed as a smart contract, which is used to validate transactions. Unlike Zcash, the current implementation of Aztec cannot hide the addresses of senders and recipients of transactions.

The ultimate goal of the project is to achieve"Privacy trilogy", which consists in the complete concealment of certain parts of the Ethereum blockchain. At the next stage, the developers intend to add the ability to obfuscate the addresses of transaction participants to their product.

“Our priority in 2020 is the launch of PLONK,– said Aztec CEO Thomas Walton-Pocock.

PLONK is a super fast implementationSNARK evidence, developed by AZTEC Technical Director Zach Williamson and AZTEC Chief Scientific Officer Ariel Gabizon. Over time, it will enable private smart contracts to be executed with just one trusted installation. ”

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