February 6, 2023

TRON blockchain begins testing anonymous transactions

TRON blockchain begins testing anonymous transactions

TRON cryptocurrency developers are preparing to begin beta testing anonymous transactions. About it said project CEO Justin Sun on his Twitter account.

According to him, such transactions will beuse the technology of evidence with zero disclosure zk-SNARK and will allow you to hide the addresses of the sender and receiver, inputs and outputs, as well as the transferred amount.

“We use the multilateral computing protocolfor transparent and secure setting of public parameters of evidence with zero disclosure. This is a highly scalable stage, the number of participants is limited only by time. ”- writes Sun, inviting those who wish to participate in the process.

In a post on GitHub, developers say thatwill use the results of the second stage of a similar procedure in ZCash cryptocurrency to set primary parameters. At the end of the procedure, a random mark will be created based on the hash of the bitcoin block, which will become the initial value for the pseudo-random number generator. The height of this block will not be approved until the last participant completes the necessary procedures.

To participate in the process of multilateral computing, users will need to contact the project using the email address provided on GitHub and follow the instructions provided.

Earlier it became known that Sana’s account in the Chinese social network Weibo was blocked due to a violation of unnamed rules.