May 15, 2021

eBay plans to add crypto payments and NFT auction

eBay plans to add crypto payments and NFT auction

According to the CEO, eBay is “considering” adding cryptocurrency payments and platform for NFT auctions.

The largest online marketplace may soon provide its customers with the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrencies.

In an interview with CNBC today, eBay CEO Jamie Iannon said the company "is considering such payment options as cryptocurrency." In addition, he added:

We can see that many of our users are already interested in NFTs and are trading them on eBay. We are now carefully studying this new trend.

He said that while users are already exchanging NFTs on the site, eBay "will make it easier for buyers and sellers."

EBay executives have long hinted that the company might start accepting crypto payments. Three years ago, the vice president of the firm said that eBay was "seriously thinking" about integrating BTC into the platform.

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