June 19, 2024

Copy-paste | Roger Ver prophesies Bitcoin Cash dizzying take-off

In a recent interview on CNBC, Roger Ver, a prominent proponent of Bitcoin Cash, the fifth largest marketcapitalization of cryptocurrency and the most successful “offspring” of bitcoin, said that it expects token growth by a thousand times.

Such a bold forecast Ver explains the adoption of Bitcoin Cash by merchants and people who use this cryptocurrency as traditional money.

According to the founder of bitcoin.com, namely Bitcoin Cash, and not Bitcoin, is a cryptocurrency that uses the technology in a way that was originally provided by the anonymous creator of BTC.

Roger Ver says Bitcoin Cash cangrow thousands of times from current levels thanks to the prospects of gaining the status of P2P cash in electronic form at the world level, especially since now many physical stores accept this cryptocurrency as payment.

Copy-paste | Roger Ver prophesies Bitcoin Cash dizzying take-off

Attractive investment

Bitcoin Cash also boastsAn impressive infrastructure is therefore a great investment, says Ver, who, speaking about digital currency, draws an analogy with the statement of the famous investor Warren Buffet, who said:

“Fear when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are afraid.”

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