November 27, 2022

Roger Ver speaks in support of Ethereum developer arrested by US authorities

Roger Ver speaks in support of Ethereum developer arrested by US authorities

Roger Ver, creator of the Bitcoin Cash altcoin, tweeted in support of Ethereum research team member Virgil Griffith.

The latter was arrested by US authorities for a trip toNorth Korea in April this year. Then, while participating in a local blockchain conference, Griffith allegedly showed the audience how the Ethereum blockchain could be used to circumvent US sanctions.

Roger Ver wrote on Twitter:

People who oppose sanctions oppose war.

In the branch venture investor Calvin Eyre, ardentBitcoin SV cryptocurrency proponent and self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright wrote that Roger Ver goes against his government, equating his publication with treason.

Note that Calvin Air and Roger Ver are located atto different sides of the military camp, as Air had previously supported Craig Wright in implementing the Bitcoin Cash hard fork and creating Bitcoin SV. Then this event led to a drop in BTC prices and caused a decline in the cryptocurrency market.

Virgil Griffith was arrested by the FBI for providing North Korea with information on how to avoid US sanctions.

A US government press release said:

Virgil Griffith allegedly providedhighly qualified information in North Korea, knowing that this information can be used by North Korea to launder money and avoid sanctions. At the same time, Griffith threatened the sanctions imposed by both Congress and the president.

Earlier this year, when Griffith announced hisintention to go to a conference in North Korea and asked if anyone would like to join him, Vitalik Buterin answered him: "Enjoy."