February 20, 2024

Coinsbit Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces Issue of Its Own CNB Tokens

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinsbit announced the release of its own platform coin - the CNB token. The release is timed to coincide with the IEOexchanges - with its help, the Coinsbit team plansGet additional resources for the development of the platform. For owners of tokens on the site, unique conditions will apply - a reduction in trading commissions and significant discounts on exchange services (listing and conducting IEO), the size of which can reach 50%.

12 months after the IEO, the exchangeundertakes to begin repurchasing tokens from those wishing to sell them, for which 25% of the enterprise’s quarterly profit will be allocated. However, after 6 months, tokens will begin to be accepted for payment for exchange services.

The total issue of tokens will occur in threetranches and amount to 1,500,000,000 pieces. The first third is distributed among registered platform participants during AirDrop before IEO, the second will be sold as part of IEO, and the third will be a reserve fund. All unrealized coins will be subject to recycling, as well as coins received as payment for exchange services at a discount.

AirDrop will take place in seven stages, and sizeThe tokens they receive will depend on how long they were registered on the platform: the earliest followers will receive 5,000 tokens, and recently registered 500 tokens. In total, 400 million tokens will be distributed during AirDrop.

Also, at this stage will actreferral program where each user will be able to get tokens for referrals registered by their referral link, as well as referrals of the 2nd and 3rd levels. For each of the levels it will be possible to get 250, 150 and 100 tokens, respectively.

At this stage, 3 rounds of IEO and oneprivate token-sale. The maximum realized issue at this stage will be 450,000,000 tokens. A referral program will also operate at this stage, where each user will be able to receive tokens for referrals registered by their link, as well as referrals of the 2nd and 3rd levels (5, 3 and 2% of the referral purchase amount, respectively). In total, 50 million tokens were issued for the referral program.

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