March 8, 2021

Coinbase reaches 43 million users

Coinbase reaches 43 million users

Coinbase announced that over 43 million verified users hold 90 assets billion dollars.

Updated official information in the section“Company” reveals that Coinbase has over 1,200 employees. In June last year, the number of employees was 1000 people, and the number of users did not exceed 30 million.

Last month, the company filed with the SEC forIPO and is preparing to go public in the coming months. FTX recently began listing its pre-IPO tokenized Coinbase stock, which is currently trading at $ 274. This brings the market value of the exchange closer to $ 70 billion. The numbers could change when the Coinbase stock actually launches.

Coinbase reaches 43 million users

In addition, in the first month of this year, Coinbase acquired Routefire, a large deal execution service in cryptocurrency, and infrastructure solutions provider Bison Trails.

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