March 4, 2024

Busan residents gain access to public services through a blockchain-based application

Residents of the South Korean city of Busan can now access government services usingblockchain-based mobile application developed by Coinplug.

Metadium blockchain based app usesdecentralized identifier technology. All personal information of users is stored on their own devices, and only a cryptographically encrypted identity confirmation is transmitted to the system. In this way, a balance is achieved between protecting user data and protecting against fraud.

Thanks to the application, residents of the secondthe population of the city of South Korea can receive the necessary public services without a physical presence in the relevant departments. In addition, a cryptocurrency wallet is built into the application that will be used to pay for South Korean Post services.

Coinplug works as part of regulatorysandboxes launched in Busan for blockchain firms. As the representative of the company emphasized, the choice of a decentralized platform shows Busan's desire for technological innovation, including the blockchain.

Let us recall that in February of this year, Busan authorities announced a partnership with Hyundai Pay, within the framework of which it is planned to develop the blockchain industry in the region.