October 21, 2020

BMW car manufacturer can integrate Enjin Token

Screenshots of the new application appeared on the Korean blog naver.com, looking at which you can solve what BMW is going to use in Korea Enjin Token.

Basically, this is a BMW Vantage application, created in the framework of the customer loyalty program in the South Korea. In it, the owners of BMW coins will be able to exchange them for ENJ tokens.


Thanks to this news, which has not yet been approved by a German manufacturer, for the rest of the price of ENJ increased from less than $ 0.16 to almost $ 0.17, or at least $ 0.17.

The BMW Vantage App allows users toEarn BMW Coins in different ways, then convert them to ENJ. With this, BMW Coin is not a cryptocurrency, it is an internal application current.

B blog naver.com, it is assumed that in the future, BMW Vantage users will be able to carry with the help of a coin any payments associated with their car driver, such as

In other words, BMW Coin can replace loyalty points, and its conversion to ENJ will allow you to redeem the funds.

Currently all BMW dealers and employeesReceived an e-mail with the intention to download the application, as soon as it becomes available after entering the Korean market, it is impossible to enter or from a BMW

Token ENJ, based on the Ethereum blockchain,It debuted on the cryptocurrency markets in November 2017 at a price of $ 0.02, then during the speculative bubble in January 2018 the price of the cryptoactive increased to $ 0.46. After that, as the bubble burst, at the beginning of 2019, the cost returned to the mark of $ 0.02, during the next months it fluctuated from $ 0.06 to% 0