April 23, 2024

Blockchain startup raised $ 5 million to automate airport checks

Blockchain startup raised $ 5 million to automate airport checks

According to the Silicon Republic news agency, startup Zamna has raised $5 million for automationairport security systems using blockchain technology and biometric data.

According to Crunchbase data, the main investors in the project were LocalGlobe and Oxford Capital, as well as International Airlines Group – one of the world's largest airline groups.

Startup is going to provide data exchange onpassengers between airports, governments and security firms through the blockchain. The developers claim that they will provide instant verification of passenger data, which will reduce the time spent by travelers in line by 90%. A startup representative explained:

The airport security process will become automated, and in the future passengers will be able to travel without any physical documents or repeated checks.

The system assumes high standards of confidentiality thanks to its own algorithm that can verify biometric and biographical data without transferring it to third parties. 

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