April 21, 2024

Bitfinex will pay $ 400 million to catch hackers who hacked it

For those who help return 120 thousand stolen bitcoins, the company will give5% of that money.the marketplace made the offer to the criminals themselves.

Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchangeoffered a reward of $ 400 million for catching the hackers who hacked it in 2016, as reported on its official website. Then about 120 thousand bitcoins were stolen from the trading platform, at the current exchange rate it is more than $ 1.3 billion.

The company promises to pay those who provide information about the criminals 5% of the amount that can be returned. If the hackers themselves decide to return the stolen funds, they can keep 25% for themselves.

This statement of the exchange was probably caused by two reasons.Secondly, hackers related to the theft of coins have recently intensified.Yesterday, August 3, 620 BTC was transferred from the hacking wallet, the transaction was recorded by Twitter-botWhale Alert.

July 28 blockchain analysis service Chainalysisreported that the number of bitcoins associated with illegal activities has reached 892 thousand. Most of the dirty BTC circulates on the darknet markets, where prohibited substances, stolen personal data, etc. are sold - 585 thousand coins.