November 29, 2023

Bitfinex Bitcoin Exchange Announces DDoS Attack (Updated)

The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has suspended operations and reported a distributed network attack such as «denial of access.service» (DDoS). After about 50 minutes, the site came back online.


The exchange has already become the object of DDoS attacks. A similar incident occurred in February 2017, but it practically did not affect the platform. However, in December of the same year, Bitfinex, as it is today, went offline for some reason as a result of a DDoS attack.

In August 2016, the exchange lost 119,756 BTC(more than $ 60 million at that time) as a result of hacking. A successful attack on one of the largest trading platforms then negatively affected the price of the first cryptocurrency.

After reporting the Bitfinex incident today, Bitcoin quotes dipped by about $ 100 (CoinGecko).

50 minutes after reporting the DDoS attack, the exchange resumed all services and stated that all problems associated with the incident had been resolved.


Tonight another DDoS attack also major bitcoin exchange is OKEx. Its head, Jay Hao, announced this on Weibo. He added that the exchange’s technical staff dealt with the attack “in a matter of minutes,” and it did not cause any noticeable problems for users.