June 9, 2023

Bitcoin Cash will release Tether on its blockchain

Bitcoin Cash will release Tether on its blockchain

During an interview published on Youtube, Roger Ver said that a stable USDT Tether coin will be issued. on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

According to the investor, USDT Tether will be soonTokenized thanks to the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), bringing the ecosystem for $ 4 billion to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. A new function called “Dividend Calculator” will be added to it, which allows you to automatically distribute dividends among token holders. Thanks to the SLP protocol, the network will be able to generate colored Bitcoin Cash coins - alternative currencies that users can exchange within the network.

Tether is currently the most popular stablecoin on the industry's largest exchanges: Bitfinex, ShapeShift, Bittrex, Binance and Poloniex.

The growth in the market capitalization of a stable currency is mainly due to the use of Tether as a risk management and hedging tool.

Recall that over the past two years, USDT has been released on several blockchains - Ethereum, TRON, Algorand, EOS, Liquid Network and Omni.