June 18, 2024

Bitcoin (BTC) capitalization will rise to $ 8 trillion by 2028

Bitcoin (BTC) capitalization will rise to $ 8 trillion by 2028

Co-founder and former CEO of BTCC's oldest Chinese crypto exchange, Bobby Lee, is confident that by 2028, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) will reach $ 500 thousand.

“Today the gold market is $8 trillion, which is50 times the value of Bitcoin. I predict that the flipping will occur within 9 years and BTC will rise above $500,000. Given the global scale of money printing taking place today, the price of BTC will most likely cross the $1 million mark.”

The basis of Lee’s forecast is the deficit nature of bitcoin, which implies an inevitable rise in the price of an asset subject to constant or growing demand for it.

“Bitcoin was designed to besuper valuable over time. In the first 10 years, there were only two halves of the block reward, but in the next 10 years there will be three (50% more)! By 2020, the daily issue volume will be only about ~ 255 BTC, annual inflation will be less than 0.5%. Deficit than gold! ”

Obviously, Bobby Lee's hypothesis is in harmony withbased on the ratio of reserves and growth by the models of Seyfedin Ammous and the popular analyst Plan B, according to which halving inevitably leads to an increase in the price of BTC.

Let us remind you that analysts from the German bank BayernLB suggested that after the expected halving in May 2020, the price of Bitcoin will reach $90,000.