April 17, 2021

Bitcoin Banking Operator Coinme will install 300 additional ATMs

The American bitcoin bank operator Coinme announced the expansion of its activities in the state of Florida due to the installation of more than 300 Coinstar kiosks with bitcoin support.

Bitcoin-banks are installed insidefood chains Winn Dixie, Fresco at Mas and Harves, both in small and large cities. The aim of the company is to create opportunities for the purchase of bitcoins in the local grocery stores of Florida.

Coinme is one of the largest Bitcoin bank operators in the USA, about 6,000 of its Coinstar kiosks are installed in the supermarket at 45 states.

“Our team of work with state regulators overby launching Coinme at Coinstar kiosks across the state, and we are glad to receive a license to work with residents of Flopida who are cash-in-cash for the purchase of bitcoins, "said the co-founder and general director

“Thanks to our partnership, we will continue to expand in new areas to meet the ever-increasing demand for available methods of purchasing digital.”

The company expands its activities in terms ofthe rate of the differential rate for the cryptocurrency. This explains to the fact that the price of the bitcoin has reached the mark of $ 60,000, and there is no doubt that this is not a limit.

However, the operators of bitcoin-bankers are,where to strive, since the commissions of such companies are much higher than the cryptocurrencies on the brijax. At the same time, the Coinstar survey showed that 23% of consumers prefer to buy cryptocurrency through banks.

“We are inviting many start-up investors who need simple and safe access to cryptocurrencies without a long stay KYC”, - added the official support