April 21, 2021

PauPal Introduces Bitcoin Payments in Millions of Trading Points

Today, the representative of PauPal announced that it will give US consumers the opportunity to use a cryptocurrency in the form of a payments in millions of trading points, which are supported by the payment process.

According to the press release, this step can significantly increase the use of digital assets.

Now people who have bitcoins, ethers, lightcoins and Bitcoin Cash on PauPal digital wallets can convert them into fiat currency when making a purchase on

"The first time you can easily use a cryptocurrency the same way as a credit card or a debit card in your PauPal wallet"

Thanks to this, PauPal becomes one of the largest financial companies that are opening their own network for users of the cryptocurrency and the most efficient ones.

It is not excluded that this step contributed to the growth of the crypto market, since at the current time the price of bitcoin exceeds $ 59 Z00.