June 7, 2023

Binance will launch a separate exchange in Japan

Binance will launch a separate exchange in Japan

Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange will launch a separate trading platform designed for residents of Japan.

According to the statement of the representatives of the exchange, onBinance executives are currently discussing a strategic partnership with Z Corporation and the Japanese TaoTao exchange. According to representatives of Binance, these partnerships will help provide “trading services” in the country.

Z Corporation is a subsidiary of Z Holdings Corporation, which in turn is a subsidiary of Japanese Softbank, formerly known as Yahoo Japan.

The statement said cooperation would helpcreate new cryptocurrency trading services for residents of the country. Japanese companies, according to Binance, will work with the regulator and ensure compliance with local laws.

Recall that according to the statement of the Japanese serviceBinance support of January 15, in the future access to the exchange for residents of Japan will be limited. The exact date of the suspension has not yet been published.

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