December 1, 2022

Austrian Post customers will be able to buy a collection of digital stamps

Post Austria has proposed a new category of products called Crupto Stamp Art (CSA). Its users need to purchase a physical mark, after which they receive a digital twin stored in the Ethereum blockchain.

Stamp collection issued on July 1, 2022,represents a modern interpretation of the stamps of the Merkur newspaper of 1851. On July 22, 2500 digital collectible boxes with digital stickers will be released. There will be four non-interchangeable tokens (NFT) in different colors in the box.

The cards were designed by renowned Austrian digital artist and NFT specialist PR1MAL CYPHER, whose studio Encode Graphics is partnering with American comic book publisher Marvel.

The special block consists of four stamps of 85 and 100 cents each, they are made in the colors of the original series of newspaper stamps: pink, blue, yellow and bright red.

A special block of stamps is included in the philatelic subscription of the Austrian Post, buyers of CSA Master Boxes will receive it free of charge.

Otherwise, the cost of a special block of stamps is estimated at € 3.70, it is issued in 150,000 copies and is available in all post offices and on the website