April 21, 2024

Kraken customers can buy cryptocurrency with the help of Apple Power and Google Power

The American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken announced support for Apple Pow and Google Pow wallets, which opened up new opportunities for its clientspossibilities.


According to the Kraken blog, it is indicated that now users can automatically connect the KrakenCv application to two payment cards and buy more than 50 cards.

It is noted that users can purchase digital currencies for an amount of $ 10 or more, at this the maximum limit is set at the level of $ 7500 per centimeter.

Apple Power and Google Power integration simplifiesthe forthcoming scheme for the purchase of digital assets, for which users were supposed to copy and insert this account from the internet binning application.

"The integration of such payment methods like Apple Power and Google Power is the key to making our platform more accessible to everyone."


“The news simplifies the process of purchasing and transferringthe methods of payment that people use in their daily life, in the cryptographic sphere, "said the managing director of Kraken in Austria, John Miller.

Deployment of Apple Power and Google Power, probablyYou can also help Kraken expand your business. Recently, the founder and general director of the Birzhi, Jesse Powell, announced that they are working to organize their activities in Europe.

He noted that the company will receive a license in the country of the European Union, adding that negotiations with various regulatory authorities are already underway.

Some of the probable directions of the export of the Birzhi are Malta, Luxamburg and Ireland.

Kraken already has a branch in Belgium, whereThe Financial Regulation and Supervision Authority regulates the trading platform of the Crypto Facilities Ltd. Once, after the release of Breweries from the EC, the platform lost the ability to work on the basis of the rest of Europe.

In addition, Powell said that the stock exchange could follow the example of Coinbase and become a public company in the future.