February 4, 2023

Algorithmic Basketball Investment

For those who do not know what basketball trading can be read here, I want to write about successful algorithms of this strategy for cryptocurrencies. Since the “hands” work on this strategy is practically not possible, and extremely inefficient, a trading robot was created for this. The bot is installed on a remote server and runs on a fully automatic machine, which provides:

  • real-time pairing discrepancy calculation
  • calculation and trading in 24 x 7 x 365 mode
  • real-time profit calculation
  • lack of emotions and mistakes inherent in manual trading
  • Algorithmic Basketball Investment

    The bot serves to trade opportunities thatarise between highly correlated assets. This algorithm automatically calculates the discrepancies between the currencies of a pair transaction, and trades all trading opportunities on a fully automatic machine. The bot is working on the BITMEX exchange.

    To date, all tests have been passed.the efficiency and effectiveness of this bot, and due to the fact that this bot is configured to trade without shoulders, and due to the simultaneous overlapping of unprofitable (in the moment) positions profitable, the percentage of risk of losses tends to zero!

    Work is currently underway onattracting investment, so if you are interested in this idea, then you can look at the bot’s work, get acquainted with the details and ask questions on the website https://bithuk.com/