March 4, 2024

“Algorithmic trading is not a panacea”

Managing Partner of DTI Algorithmic Alexander Butmanovvisiting Vladimir Smerkis and talks aboutalgorithmic trading and the future of the cryptosphere:


“Algorithmic trading is not a panacea. Rather, as a catalyst and adrenaline, it can enhance the result if you did everything right, and spoil it if you made a mistake. ”


On video:

  • 0:44 - Which investors are available algorithmic trading?
  • 1: 18— About Algorithmic Trading in Russia
  • 2:11 - What is the difference between algorithmic trading and automated trading
  • 4:05 - How is algorithmic trading developing: has everything been automated for a long time?
  • 6:07 - Algo trading: where to start and how to try
  • 7:58 - Volatility in the crypto market - a problem or an opportunity to earn? How to act?
  • 11:09 - Fundamental and technical analysis for cryptocurrencies
  • 14:57 - On the equilibrium in algorithmic trading
  • 16:34 - What to look for when choosing a fund or trustee
  • 18:36 - Where to invest now
  • 20:02 - About the risks of crypto investors
  • 21:49 - How are the traditional financial and crypto world connected? Will bitcoin behave like gold?
  • 26:12 - Does the state monopolize cryptocurrencies?
  • 30:37 - What will happen to Bitcoin

    You can watch the video below or directly on our YouTube channel.


    Alexander Butmanov about algorithmic trading and the prospects of crypto world

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