March 4, 2024

A famous trader said when the price of bitcoin will reach the bottom

Legendary Traders, Technical Analyst Peter Brandtbelieves that for sustainable growth to new highs inIn the region of $ 50 thousand, Bitcoin needs to survive another serious fall.


"When there are no bulls on Twitter, then we'll get a good buy signal.""In the future, we will be able to meet the needs of our clients," he concluded.

In his opinion, the bottom of the Bitcoin price is located at the level of $ 5500, but quotes can reach this mark in July next year.


Bitcoin's fall below $7,000 has noticeably revived critics of the technology.The American Forbes published an article under the headline "Bitcoin is falling not because of China, but because you don't need it."


Earlier, a fierce debate broke out on Twitter regarding whether the so-called capitulation of miners is currently being observed &#8212; instant sale of all mined coins.

Despite the bearish sentiment in the market, the bitcoin hash has risen to 111.56 EH / s.