February 22, 2024

what will we do with crypto?

I'm sick and tired of crypto.It takes a long time to explain why and how my attitude to it has changed.I really don't know where elseinvest after its sale, and generally everythinginvestments are fed up, everything is expensive IMHO, so I don’t sell it yet, but I’m too lazy to honestly sell everything if it could be done without problems with one click.

Since January 18, I read about the crypto only briefly on a smartlab, mainly the headers, it’s not particularly relevant to what is now there.
I wanted to sell some on localbitcoins, and there is some kind of verification now.I looked at the best, and there are already wild spreads and no reserves, and the proven exchanges that I used to use have even wilder spreads.Plus, you also need to put a bunch of wallets to sell forks.

1. Where can you safely sell crypts of lyam for 7, for example, at a good rate and without unnecessary movements? Ideally, on a sber card.

2. Who has any thoughts on the crypto and the cue ball, I was waiting for the last wave of growth and go ahead, but then I thought that the wait could drag on for many years and then what for it is necessary. Plus, the cue ball itself is already outdated, and perhaps the main growth will be in a different crypt, but I do not believe in another crypt and a small chance to guess a promising crypt among hundreds of others who give up.

3. Is there really any positive news on cue ball and crypt from the year 17 and nobody needs them anymore? Billions of investments and years of development have not yet given any visible result.

four. Any forecasts are, of course, an ungrateful thing, usually my brain has somehow adapted to the fact that I don’t need to make forecasts and now it’s hard for him to do it, I don’t know where the cue ball will go, I tend to lean for a long, long, many years side 10k area.

5. If you advise the rules of the place where to sell the cue ball, then I will add to my bots, but I also do not expect miracles from them.