January 28, 2021

What is bitcoin and why is it in demand - in simple and understandable language!


Now bitcoin is at the peak of its popularity, every grandmother has heard about bitcoin on the bench in your yard, but really, few really understand what it really is.

There are not many clear sources of information on the Internet explaining in simple terms what kind of cryptocurrency it is and why it is in such demand.

I have several acquaintances who buybitcoin, believes in its growth, constantly tells me about its imminent rise of $ 50,000 $ 100,000 and above, but when I ask the question of what bitcoin is, a person tries to explain his understanding of cryptocurrency in some general, incomprehensible to him, and the reasons for growth and demand are not her.

Therefore, I decided to finally find out what the essence of bitcoin is, why and how it is mined, why there is such a demand for it and why it is growing and
express all this in simple, understandable language!

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