April 23, 2024

Turkey hosted the second CRYPTO IZMIR event

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Turkey hosted the second CRYPTO IZMIR event

Last Saturday in Izmir,Turkey, the second CRYPTO IZMIR event took place, dedicated to the safety of using centralized exchanges, choosing crypto wallets, staking and working in the industry.

In the first part of the event, the speaker spoke about staking and farming and the differences between these types of investment. However, the main topic was the security of using centralized exchanges.

The basics of security on CEX, according to the speaker, are:

  • Using Google Authenticator

  • Using one phone number for one exchange

  • Installing a trusted wallet for cryptocurrency withdrawal 

  • Installing a trusted wallet can protectfrom replacing the wallet address in the source code and this is one of the best ways to combat popular hacking methods. In order to clearly demonstrate the practical use of the exchange, the speaker broadcast the interface of the BitGet exchange on the screen, where he showed how to maintain maximum security, use P2P and start trading even on a demo account.

    The method of fraud was also considered anddeceiving artists using NFTs. An unknown person wrote to one artist, who is a member of the CRYPTO IZMIR community, on Instagram and offered to buy a painting for $2,000. However, since the buyer is far away, he offered to mint the painting and make an NFT. The most interesting thing began when the buyer suggested using not Rarible or OpenSea, but the unknown resource Bubblecherry. 

    The artist was already planning to send money forgas for the NFT mint, but after communicating with the founder of CRYPTO IZMIR, it turned out that this was a common scam and the so-called “buyer” wanted to get money for the NFT mint and disappear. There have already been negative reviews about Bubblecherry on the Internet. US artists have complained that they would send money for an NFT mint and then the buyer would stop contacting them.

    In the second part of the event, we discussedoptions for choosing crypto wallets, their security and ease of use. For example, JAXX, XAPO, SafePal, TREZOR, LEDGER and wallets of centralized exchanges were considered. After this, there was a crash test of the artbit idea, where everyone was able to evaluate the potential and find the vulnerabilities of this startup. We finished the second part with a charity auction, where we sold NFT CharityChain “CRYPTO IZMIR”. 

    The last part talked aboutjob opportunities in the crypto industry and what are the most popular and in-demand professions on crypto exchanges. Many people have the basic skills to work as a BD or community manager, but in order to show themselves well in the crypto industry, you need to at least know the terminology and keep up to date with the news, so the speaker advised reading top crypto media.

    Let us remind you that the first Blockchain Training Conference in Izmir took place in December last year.