April 1, 2023

Trading signals! | BCHUSDT, a funky bull wedge

Trading signals! | BCHUSDT, a funky bull wedge

In fact, a wedge has now formed on many coins. But I decided to enter most of the free deposit exactly in BCH, since it is here that the technical picture meets all the requirements for a long trade, namely:

1. The wedge runs along Fibo 66.
2. The price is above the main EMAs (50, 100) in the 4-hour timeframe.
3. Acceptable risk / reward.

My deal:

Login: 860
Stop <699
Target 1: 1200
Target 2: 1300
Goal 3: 1400.

Deposit risk 1.5%, Risk / profit 1/3 (subject to fixing in equal parts on each of the goals, which I plan to do)
Upon reaching the first goal, I will transfer the stop to breakeven.

My Telegram Channel: https://t.me/AVATrading_Public

Have a nice day.