December 10, 2023

TOP 5 programs for automated cryptocurrency trading

TOP 5 programs for automated cryptocurrency trading

The need for automation is required in every industry. Investors are looking to automateall income generating processes. With artificial and robotic intelligence, this has become a reality for most of us. The introduction of cryptocurrency has destroyed traditional digital wallets, and now more and more people are participating in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency not only allows you to doTransactions are fast and secure, it can also be profitable if you keep a deposit in digital wallets. Automated trading software is now available that can invest on behalf of the user and share profits with its customers. In this article, we present a list of the 5 best programs for automatic crypto trading that you can choose for yourself to automate your income.

Bitcoin system

An impressive trading robot capable of makingat least $200 per day with an investment of only $250. You can check out the Bitcoin System Review to evaluate all the options and check the reputation Bitcoin System has acquired over time.

What is important, this service provides excellent customer service and uninterrupted withdrawal process.


FXTM offers users a wide range ofplatforms for trade. The most widely used are Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5, and they enjoy a remarkable reputation. Although they also offer cryptocurrency trading, you can also trade on Forex, Spot Metals and Stocks.

For regular standard accountsThe minimum deposit requirement is £ 100, and a fee is charged if the user remains inactive for a considerable period of time. With wide trading capabilities, this is one of the most widely used trading platforms.


DupliTrade — it is reliable softwareAutomated trading software provided by Avatrade. This platform is user-friendly and allows you to duplicate what experienced traders are doing. This is the main feature that allows novice users to make profits from their trading accounts.

The platform will show a list of the best traders andthe strategies they used for profit. You can repeat their actions to earn the same amount. It’s best to take into account the experience of others so that you don’t have to guess the results before investing.


EOption is known for the lowest commissions.rates: $ 3 per trade and $ 0.15 per contract. They offer trading stocks, mutual funds, bonds and ETFs. You can set up an automatic trading system by subscribing to any newsletter.

These are trade newsletters, and automaticthe trading service will make deals based on the newsletter subscription. The fee for automatic trading is $ 5, and you can not refuse to trade newsletters after registration. A different trading account is required if the user wants to do manual trading with an automated trading system.

Td ameritrade

Td Ameritrade — it is innovative and powerfultrading platform that can be used to increase your investment portfolio and trade good stocks. Their investment products include stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds, futures, forex, margin trading, cryptocurrency, managed portfolios, bonds and fixed income, annuities, IPOs, dividend reinvestment and secured lending.

Td Ameritrade offers a huge amountinvestment options, and now they offer trading without a commission, which is a great bonus for all their customers. Their platforms are available on mobile and desktop computers, which you can use to verify your account at any time.


Automated trading is reallyattractive concept, but still we must be careful when choosing trading partners. There are many scammers with fake brokers agents who ruin the reputation of any online trading company. You must check all sources and information before dealing with any company financially. However, people make a lot of money with these automated trading platforms, which you should learn for yourself as soon as possible.