September 27, 2023

The conflict between the US and Iran caused an increase in the exchange rate of bitcoin and gold

The conflict between the US and Iran caused an increase in the exchange rate of bitcoin and gold

The world is under intense surveillance of the foreign policy conflict that unfolds between by the US and Iranian authorities, triggered by the operation of US special forces, sanctioned personally by the current owner of the American White House, Donald Trump.

As analyst Ronnie Moas notes:

“We see a jump in the bitcoin rate due to news,related to Iran, at the same time we are seeing an increase in the price of gold and oil. Thus, Bitcoin justified the thesis that it is becoming a "safe haven" for investors along with gold. "

It is curious that the aggravation of relations betweenThe US and Iranian authorities happened just a few weeks later, when it became known that Tehran, along with Kuala Lumpur, intends to consider the use of cryptocurrencies not only as a tool to circumvent sanctions against Iran, but also in order to eliminate the dominant influence of the US dollar on international finance.

It is worth noting that Washington is from the end of 2019began to conduct legal measures aimed at trying to slow down the spread of the practice of using cryptocurrencies to circumvent US sanctions.

Tehran’s intention to start withdrawing US dollars from the role of the dominant currency in the world could provoke new tough measures on the part of Washington. Recall that a similar situation occurred with Venezuela.

As soon as the head of the country, Nicolas Maduro, beganto consider the proposal for participants in OPEC oil exporting countries to switch to settlements with US dollars for Petro or other digital assets, the President of the Bolivarian Republic “received” the most severe financial sanctions as a gift, and Washington began to actively support the opposition within this country.

Be that as it may, bitcoin is becoming more and moreAn interesting asset for Iran, as it is a ready-made cryptocurrency solution for financial transactions bypassing US sanctions.

If we take the official (understated) dollar rateto the Iranian rial, then Bitcoin in the country costs 24 thousand dollars. However, in the market assessment, bitcoin is becoming more expensive in Iran, as well as around the world: according to the results of January 5, bitcoin went up by 1.4%, starting on January 6 from the level of 7.485 thousand dollars.

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