May 28, 2023

Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin will cost $100,000

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Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin will cost $100,000

The bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad explained why he loves bitcoin so much and why he thinks the world's first cryptocurrency will soon be worth $100,000.

“Many years ago I watched bitcoinrises to $20,000 and then drops to zero. I thought BTC was over. Watching bitcoin slowly rise to $6,000 bought a lot. Why? Because people support Bitcoin, not the US Federal Reserve or the government,” Robert Kiyosaki tweeted.

The writer and economist recalled that the first cryptocurrency does not need the help of the Fed or the government, because it is people's money.

“Bitcoin will be $100,000. Long live Bitcoin,” Kiyosaki proclaimed.

Robert Kiyosaki insists:cryptocurrencies can be an excellent defense against the fall of global stock markets, and the current change in the price of BTC makes it even more attractive. The economist expects the US dollar to lose ground on the global stage, leading to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Earlier in April, Kiyosaki said that he supports the first cryptocurrency, as well as gold and silver, as he does not trust either the Fed or the US president.