June 14, 2021

Razer has allowed the possibility of accepting payments in cryptocurrency

Computer hardware manufacturer worries about the impact of digital assets on the environment and the market graphics processors.

Computer hardware manufacturer andaccessories Razer admitted that in the future it will begin to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment. This was announced on Twitter by the general director of the company, Min-Liang Tang. During the shareholder meeting, he said, one of those present asked if Razer was planning to take any action on digital assets.

"It is unlikely that we will release our own cryptocurrency, but I do not exclude that we will start accepting one or more coins as payment for our equipment and services," - explained the head of Razer.

While the company's customers are interested in the cryptocurrency space, Razer is concerned about how digital assets could impact the environment and the GPU market, Min-Liang Tan said.

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