April 21, 2024

PayPal has increased the weekly limit on the purchase of cryptocurrency to $ 100 thousand.

The customers of the payment system from the USA got the opportunity to buy more digital currencies.

PaymentPayPal announced that it has increased the weeklythe limit on the purchase of cryptocurrency for some US clients is up to $ 100 thousand. Previously, users could purchase digital assets for an amount not exceeding $ 20 thousand.

At the end of May, PayPal announced that users will be able to transfer digital currencies to third-party wallets.

From March 30, PayPal users can paycryptocurrency goods and services. Conversion to fiat currencies occurs at the time of payment. In the coming months, the service should appear in all 29 million merchants that work with PayPal.

American clients of the service got access tocryptocurrency in November 2020. Since then, they can buy, hold and sell digital assets directly through PayPal. One of the disadvantages of the service is the impossibility of withdrawing cryptocurrency to third-party wallets.