December 8, 2023

Mike Tyson put up the NFT collection for sale

Former world professional heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson put up for sale on August 20a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the OpenSea marketplace. The limited edition NFT token was created by aspiring digital artist Corey Van Liu in collaboration with the 55-year-old ex-boxer.

The collection includes one unique token “TheUltimate Mike Tyson ”, one set of ten original NFTs, 50 copies of the original sets of five NFTs and 250 cards. The trading volumes of Mike Tyson's NFT tokens on OpenSea as of 12:00 Moscow time exceeded $ 1.3 million (425 ETH).

In May, NFT presented its own collectionAmerican professional boxer Floyd Mayweather. The tokens were issued in a limited edition and tied to a collection dedicated to the life and career of the legendary boxer. The collection includes art and Mayweather memorabilia.