September 26, 2021

Mavrodi visiting Tinkov. This is funny)))

An interview with Mavrodi - the creator of MMM - visiting Tinkov in 2012.

It's very funny to watch them collide two worlds)))

Cutting-edge highlights (10 minutes):</strong>

Generally I was very surprisedby watching the video.

Mavrodi talked about MMM and his currency "Mavro"... Almost all his words are about "Mavro" can be said about bitcoin.

The video was very helpful.

Thanks to the video, I realized 10 ideas:

1. The further, the sweeter the speech.

2. Greed conquers fear.

3. If there are no guarantees and promises, then by law it is not a pyramid.

4. People have a need for financial freedom. You can earn money on this need.

5. The interests of cryptocurrencies and banks coincide - the money used to buy cryptocurrencies is kept in banks.

6. The state and the entire system of cryptocurrencies are useful. They remove the social tension of uneven monetary distribution. Now people cannot say that they have no opportunity to get rich.

7. If you think that cryptocurrencies are a scam, then you should try to answer the question: "Why is it not a scam?"

8. The amount of deposits is not critical to the pyramid. Only the behavior of depositors is critical to the pyramid. With the help of psychology, you can control the flow of input and output.

9. Bitcoin is a pyramid. But that doesn't mean anything.Without real collateral, all the money in the world is also a pyramid scheme. Don't be afraid of the pyramids. You need to be aware of the risk and act on the basis of your risk management.

10. The pyramid, including the cryptocurrency, is just a tool. The goal is to change people.

Full video on the link:

P.S. About greed that conquers fear - stories of depositors (3 minutes):