September 19, 2021

Lost bitcoins worth $ 4.8 million can be recovered

Billions of dollars of bitcoins are stored by users who have lost password to their cryptocurrency wallets. This assessment family company Crópto Asset Recovery from New Hampshire, which is operated by programs from Krycom and Charlie Brooks.


Not long ago, they performed the analysis and came to the conclusion thatfrom 68 110 to 92 855, it would seem that the lost bitcoins can be restored. At the current price of $ 51,529, users can be refunded about $ 4.8 billion in locked wallets.

Brooks have a large number of customers, from the firsta miner to people who have paid for Bitcoins. According to the CrüptoVantage estimate, 40% of 1000 US cryptocurrency holders lost their passwords from wallets. Those who could not restore their passwords lost an average of $ 21З4.

Accordance with the Chainalsis report, up to 20% ofthe existing 18.5 million bitcoins are apparently lost. These numbers are quoted in the New York Times article on the program from San Francisco, who threw out a hard disk with 7002 bitcoins. This event also marked the beginning of the Bruck mission.

Having loaded into the topic, the programs came to the conclusion that at least 14% can be restored. As a result of the calculations, they reached the figure of 2.45%, or about $ 4.8 million in BTC.

Brooks, founded in 2017,specializing on the use of "hundreds of millions or billions" of the parameters of the password. They check the encrypted version of the crypto wallet. The time of decoding is variable, but it is not less than five seconds.

Clients sign the contract with the company,guaranty return on wallet management. The blessing of the son and father is based on a sliding rate, depending on the number of bitcoins that are returned. In the event of a malfunction in the process of recovery, the customer is not charged.