January 28, 2021

Lindsay Loxan advertises bitcoin and ethereum

Famous actress Lindsay Loxan has published a video in which she is promoting Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

It has a poley in the films "A Trap for Parents", "Plague Friday", "Crazy Girls" and others made a forecast for the future price of both assets.

“Don't be indifferent. @Lindsay Loxan says bitcoin will go up to $ 100,000 and ether will go up to $ 10,000. "

Of course, this is a pretty weird video, and notOnly because the actress predicts the currencies of the cryptocurrency. Cam polic does not carry any information, forcing many users to ask a question, is it really Lohan, or is it a fake.

Another moment that remains unnoticed -this is what the video is uploaded to the profile, different from its own. Perhaps, the actress recorded a video for a greater ransom, since before that she had not been noticed in the publications of the cryptocectop.

However, this does not mean that the forecastThey are completely wrong, because many analysts indicate the potential price ranges. Moreover, JP Morgan calculated the price at $ 146,000, not to mention the other bold numbers of $ 300,000 until the end of the year.