June 25, 2024

Institutional positions on BTC futures doubled

Institutional positions on BTC futures doubled

One of the indicators that signal a possible change in the price of bitcoin is the number of openfutures positions on the Chicago CME exchange.

In October 2019, institutional investors doubled the value of long positions in BTC futures contracts, Cointelegraph reports.

Institutional Investors Interested in BTC

In accordance with the study conductedAccording to analysts, on October 22, the estimated value of long positions of institutional investors rose to a value above 1000 bitcoins, compared with data on October 1, when this value fell below 500 BTC.

CME Long Futures Dataindicate a reversal of the downward interest of the institutional, emerging in September 2019. The sharp collapse coincided with the launch date of physically delivered bitcoin futures from the Bakkt platform, when interest fell from 1300 VTC to below 500 bitcoins.

Analysts at Skew Markets have additionally indicated that institutional investors include:

“…pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds and investment portfolio managers.”

Such analytical data may indicate the continuing desire of large investors to enter the cryptocurrency market.

Recall that the head of the CFTC believes that in the nexta year, the market may begin to trade futures on Ethereum (ETH). He also noted that in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies can also be classified as goods.