April 23, 2024

how much does gas cost in rubles?

how much is gas today?
the whole country is in euphoria that we forced the “geyropa” to pay for gas in rubles, news aboutthis is everywhere, and even the news that they still buy for rubles, creaking in all places of their bodies.
But I haven’t seen any information anywhere, but how many rubles do they pay for gas? somebody knows?
but I saw the news that they take firstthey use our gas, and only then pay, and something tells me that they pay immediately, and not like our exporters who first received “dead presidents” or “beautiful pieces of paper from Europe” and then have to sell them in 60 days, now everything is true 50%.
which means that most likely this is not certain,the entire “cutlet” for the monthly volume of gas is changed at a time to our beautiful strong and other epithets of the ruble and then we pay in our beautiful rubles for gas in rubles at a price that no one knows about.
and now the government and the Central Bank are thinking what to do with an exchange rate of less than 60 rubles