May 25, 2022

House in Portugal sold for 3 bitcoins

On May 5, real estate in the Portuguese city of Braga was sold for bitcoins (BTC) without subsequent conversion into euros. Perhaps this The deal marks a new chapter in the real estate sector.

TZ apartments were purchased for three bitcoins,which is equivalent to approximately 110 thousand euros. Representatives of Zome, a real estate company, Antas da Cunha Ecija law firm, the chairman of the notary office and other partners of Switzerland.

“This act represents a historical milestone,transfer of a digital asset into a physical asset at home without any conversion into euro. We believe that a new world of real estate business is opening today!” - written in a Zome message.

In addition, the company is developing initiatives related to WebZ, which will soon be presented to the public.

Until last month, the purchase of real estate forcryptocurrencies demanded from the buyer the conversion of cryptocurrencies into euros. However, since then, the Order of Notaries of Portugal has developed clear instructions on the preparation of documents for real estate transactions, which are carried out exclusively with the use of digital assets.