December 5, 2023

Hard fork Ethereum disrupts smart contracts

Hard fork Ethereum disrupts smart contracts

The announced Ethereum Istanbul network update will add a lot of work to smart contract developers.

AlongAragon One CTO Jorge Isquierdo said code changes would violate approximately 680 smart contracts used to manage Ethereum-based dapps.

Hard fork Istanbul will completely eliminate the possibility of transferring ETH between decentralized organizations (DAO). First of all, this will affect the Kyber Network token exchange platform.

In addition, the planned improvement of Ethereum(EIP) 1884 should increase the price of gas for basic operations. This can lead to problems with the execution of Aragon smart contracts and increase prices for end users of the Kyber network.

Despite upcoming violationssmart contracts, everything is ready to run Ethereum hard fork in test networks. Presumably, the block on which the update will be activated should be mined on October 2.