April 25, 2024

Fraudsters intercept Telegram correspondence

Fraudsters intercept Telegram correspondence

Group-IB, a company that develops cybersecurity solutions, announced a new scheme for gaining access toTelegram messenger message history.

The company has already registered dozens of cases of hacking of the correspondence of Russian businessmen in Telegram.At the same time, malware or hacking of user accounts on gadgets were not detected.Hackers gained access to the messenger's files through SMS codes sent to users. 

Attackers initiate a request to send a code to enter from a new device and intercept it.

After authorizing the fraudster in the messenger, he gets the opportunity to download all the files and correspondence in a matter of minutes.

Experts have not yet determined the methods by which hackers interceptPerhaps we are talking about the use of special equipment or "insider information fromIt is known that the fraudsters used disposable SIM cards and mobile Internet with an IP address in Samara.

For protection, users are recommendedForce all sessions to end upon receipt of an activation code without a request. In addition, it is recommended to use multi-level authorization with a password and check all applications and services that use SMS messages for authorization.