May 28, 2023

Fantom's Andre Cronje will focus on expanding his dApp ecosystem in 2023

Popular architect DeFi, one of the founders Fantom Foundation, outlined the blockchain roadmap of the first level for 2023. Cronje, who calls himself the “VP of Memes” at the Fantom Foundation, said the foundation will focus next year on expanding the dapp ecosystem (dApp)

According to Cronje's message, the goal for next year is provide the highest blockchain throughputto create a single, secure settlement layer for all decentralized activities.

This goal is to be achieved by improvingtools, integration, and ease of use for developers rather than to meet the needs of specific users such as DeFi, NFT, gameFi, and exchanges.

Cronje outlined several key areas of activity for the next 12 months.

These include

  • gas monetization, which will allow dApps to earn revenue based on the gas used in transactions, similar to how YouTube and Twitch creators earn revenue.
  • gas subsidy, which will allow dApps to interoperate without requiring users to pay for gas themselves, which will make the implementation process simpler and hassle-free.
  • an abstraction of accounts that would eliminatedifference between contract accounts and EOA. Under this system, contracts will be able to initiate transactions and pay for gas, and EOA will simply act as authorities authorized to instruct wallets to perform certain actions. This will make the dApp experience more user-friendly and enable social recovery options such as email and password authentication.
  • abstraction for the gas fee, which will allowpay fees in non-FTM tokens, and a new layer of middleware is being developed to improve smart contract processing and unleash the full potential of the hardware.
  • performance development, documentation and training, and business development.
  • André Cronje also informed the team that he had officially been appointed to the Board of Directors of both Fantom Foundation Ltd and Fantom Operations Ltd.