February 5, 2023

ETH/BTC. Ethereum/Bitcoin: bless the alt season again?

Таймфрейм: 1D

</strong>I haven’t updated the air to bitcoin in the public domain since 2018 – it’s time to fix it: vk.com/wall-124328009_10111. In premium, I watch it a couple of times a month on average, but for some reason I haven’t posted markup in public until today.

As for the forecast of August 31, 2018, thenI can not say that it was straight successful-successful. I advised then to put limits on 0.040 points and wait for the take-off. But it turned out that the pair went down as much as 0.016 points, and only then reversed. However, it was possible to take the subsequent movements very successfully - I will leave a few examples in the comments.

Growth of approximately 2 times is planned soon within the framework ofwave (iii) of [v], but at the current moment the bottoms of the wave (ii) of [v] most likely have not yet been set – marked the coming movement with a dotted line. There, I plan to add to margin positions in ether against bitcoin with a stop loss just above the orange level.
ETH/BTC. Ethereum/Bitcoin: bless the alt season again?