April 17, 2021

Ebang will start mining Litecoin and Dogecoin

Ebang will start mining Litecoin and Dogecoin

Chinese mining equipment manufacturer Ebang has decided to launch Dogecoin mining business and Litecoin.

The Ebang press release states:

The company plans to run its mining businessLitecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (Doge) coins, using a combination of our own mining machines and mining equipment purchased from other manufacturers. The plans also include the rental of computing power that allows you to mine LTC and Doge at the same time.

Ebang plans to leverage its existing Bitcoin mining business to strengthen its position in the Litecoin and Dogecoin mining sector.

A clear schedule for the implementation of the project has not yet been presented, the launch date has not yet been set.

A few weeks ago, Ebang developed a chip to mine Litecoin and Dogecoin simultaneously. The company will use this chip in future product lines.

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