February 24, 2021

Cryptocurrency took a break before going to new records

Major Cryptocurrencies Bounce Back Again On Monday After Bitcoin Overcame another high of $ 58,000, and its market capitalization has passed the $ 1 trillion mark.

Some of the reasons for the negative in the market wasthe statement of the billionaire Elon Musk, who recently often speaks out about digital currencies, that the prices for this asset are now at an inflated level.

In his opinion, cryptocurrency, like ordinary money, is a set of data that allows you to avoid the inconveniences associated with barter exchange, but like any data system it is prone to errors.

The positive for the XRP token was the information that the Ripple company is currently working with central banks over the development of digital currencies.

As a result, the bitcoin rate per day, according toForex Club, decreased by 0.6% - to $ 56,173 with a capitalization of $ 1.05 trillion. Ethereum fell 3.5% to $ 1,877 with a capitalization of $ 215.1 billion. XRP on favorable news rose in price by 8.6% - to $ 0.568, its capitalization amounted to $ 24.5 billion. Litecoin weakened by 2.3% - to $ 220.1 with a capitalization of $ 14.6 billion.

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization reached $ 1.69 trillion.

Probably in the short term, the maincryptocurrencies will temporarily retreat from the previously achieved records, but soon they will again storm the next highs. Bitcoin can now surpass the $ 60,000 level, Ethereum can rise above $ 2,000, XRP can rise to $ 0.6, and Litecoin can rise to $ 230.

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