December 5, 2023

Cryptocurrency and fiat volatility for October 2019

Cryptocurrency and fiat volatility for October 2019

Today we will compare the October volatility of crypto assets paired with the US dollar and the volatility of somefiat currency pairs.

Comparative results of the maximum percentage change in the value of assets for the month since the beginning of 2019 are presented in the table below:

Cryptocurrency and fiat volatility for October 2019

Last month, TRON showed the greatest volatility among the ten crypto assets under consideration. In the second half of October, its price increased by 70%. 

The price of Bitcoin, after a heavy decline in September, at the end of October rose by approximately the same 42% that it fell. EOS and Ripple showed good growth of around 40%. 

The most stable, as always, were stablecoins. Despite the tight pegging to the US dollar, market price fluctuations were no more than 1%.

The highest among fiat pairsThe English pound sterling showed volatility. Its price increased against the US dollar by more than 6.5%. This is the highest monthly GBP volatility recorded since the beginning of the year. 

In October, the gold price stabilized and moved mainly in the side corridor with a volatility of about 4%.