June 16, 2024

Crypto slaughter is coming: in Poland they took one of the cryptocurrency exchanges central to technicals

Cryptokitties, while you read in Cryptokritic (here, as well as on Smartlab), how hockey star Malkin ICOspent, and where and in whose pockets the collected grandmothers went, here in Poland they took the main Bitfinex technical and five more crypto exchanges (including EXMO).

And in the news they write in plain text that they are stuck with a "member of the drug cartel." Well, now you see, it starts to get where the money from cryptocurrency exchanges came from and why bitcoin was invented at all.

So, cotans, now crypto meat will begin andcryptocurrencies. Unless, of course, Molina manages to turn in her own on Bitfinex and other crypto exchanges. Therefore, with such knowledge it is not always possible to live up to a pre-trial agreement. But there is something to hand over. Money laundering and drug trafficking are just the beginning of the list.