January 28, 2021

Baccines against COVID-19 are on sale in the dark for bitcoins

The topic of effective vaccines against COVID-19 is being discussed with moreover, how the virus began to spread around the world. Some of them They are approved, but their spreading is made with certain delays.

This prompted the scammers to use thisthe opportunity to start supplying vaccines in the open, inflating the price to $ 1000.

So that vaccines start to be used by people, usuallyyears of research and testing are required. One rapid spread of COVID-19 has prompted scientists all over the world to create it in the shortest possible time. According to the New York Times, at this time 65 vaccines are undergoing clinical trials on humans, and 20 have entered the final stage.

Only a few have already received an approval, therefore theythe spread of the beginning in December 2020. However, there is a note about the small volume of production, which is why the scammers have activated with "alternative" options.

With a link to the Check Point company report,engaging in cybersecurity, generally speaking that there is still a large supply of suppliers, who claim that they provide efficient and effective

As and expected, the prices are quite high -A single dose can reach $ 250, $ 500 and even $ 1000. All payments are requested in bitcoins, although it is known for a long time that this is not an anonymous cryptocurrency, so that if the person wishes of the criminals, they can be safe.

It is understood that after payment, none of the suppliersdelivered the ordered vaccine. The scam is also in another way, for example, one of the clients was indicated to the need to purchase at once 14 doses for a one-time brewing.