September 22, 2023

County in California creates a digital wallet for public services

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County in California creates a digital wallet for public services

The Santa Cruz County Council of California approved the creation of a blockchain-based digital wallet for government services. The pilot of the project is going to be launched in July 2023.

The developer is Humbl.The project will be tested by users who want to be the first to get digital access to public services. According to official documents, during the pilot period, local officials will assess how users trust the technology.

"We believe the value of digitizing paper documents, records, and services is an important step forward for the convenience of County residents," said Santa Cruz County Governor Zach Friend.

Upon successful completion of the pilot phase, no later than September 2023, the district plans to submit an official report.

Santa Cruz Digital Wallet Project Launcheddiscussed in April 2022. The project was made possible after the state of California passed a law allowing county governments to issue vital records using data stored in blockchain-secured digital wallets.

Earlier, the California Federal Court proceeded tohearings to recognize XPR as a security. Crypto community experts suggested that the court decision would put an end to the years-long legal battle between Ripple and the SEC, and could also affect the entire crypto industry, setting a precedent. Especially if the plaintiff can prove the allegations in court and successfully “certify XRP” as a security.

In February, the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) launched the Crypto Scam Tracker service to track fraudulent cryptocurrency projects.