June 25, 2024

Capital International invested $ 600 million in MicroStrategy shares

Capital International, a major American investment company with approximately $ 400 billion in assets under management, has invested more than half a billion dollars in MicroStrategy shares.

The MicroStrategy report to the Commission on Valuablethe US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said in the second quarter of 2021 that Capital International Investors acquired 953,242 shares. After the announcement of the statement to the SEC, the share price of MicroStrategy rose by more than 1.5% and reached $ 628.44, thus the share owned by Capital International is estimated at about $ 600 million.

The filing filed by Capital International Investors with the SEC for the first quarter of 2021 indicates that the firm did not own any shares of MicroStrategy as of March 31.

MicroStrategy has 105,085 bitcoins, which isthe time of publication is more than $ 3.5 billion. She began buying cryptocurrency in August last year and has since been trying to buy cryptocurrency on the strait every time the opportunity presents itself. According to analytical data, in May, MicroStrategy owned 0.438% of the total volume of bitcoins in circulation and is undoubtedly and is currently the largest institutional holder of the first cryptocurrency.

Right after the first purchase, Michael Saylor, the head of the company, explained the rationale behind investing in bitcoin:

“This investment reflects our conviction thatthat bitcoin, as the world's most widely used cryptocurrency, is a reliable store of value and an attractive investment asset with longer-term upside potential than holding cash. "

MicroStrategy uses Bitcoin for more than justas an investment asset. In mid-April, it became known that the company's board of directors would receive bonus payments in bitcoins instead of regular money. MicroStrategy notified the US Securities and Exchange Commission about this.